Sand Making Machine

VSI vertical impact crusher is developed on the basis of several patents of our company with the material striking against material, material striking against metal. It has two models: ‘Stone -Stone (VSI-I)‘ and ‘Stone-Steel (VSI)'. The ‘Stone-Stone
(VSI-I)’ can be used in processing hard materials, and the percentage of sand productivity is about 40%; The ‘Stone-Steel (VSI)‘can be used in processing the materials with medium and high degree of hardness and the percentage of sand
productivity is about 40-60%. The machine can be widely applied to stone reshaping, fine-grain making and sand making in the fields of construction, industrial ore, metallic ore and material recovery, it is the most ideal equipment for
artificial sand-making.

Product Features

  • Deep-cavity designed rotor possesses big capacity, high sand production ratio and good shape of products.
  • The rotor possesses higher manufacturing accuracy and stronger unbalance-resistant ability, lower running resistance and power consumption for unnecessary work.
  • The impeller size and angle are reasonable designed, which do best to reduce wearing parts consumption because ofthe appropriate distribution of materials in impeller, and the performance is better.
  • The main shaft adopts forging parts which go through a series of machining procedures like rough turning, thermal refining and finish turning, etc. thus, the shaft is strong and reliable.
  • The frame uses BAOSTEEL that are cutting by CNC cutting machine, and goes through several machining steps like heat treatment and shot blasting, so it is durable.
  • VSI is equipped with the vibrating, bearing temperature monitoring system, which can realize automatic alarm and stop in the abnormal condition, so the unnecessary damage can be avoid ; Automatic lubrication system can automatically Iubricate the parts.
  • Equipped with manual hydraulic pump can rotate thefeeding hopperto another side, and by cooperating with crane and lifting device the machine‘s internal maintenance is much convenient and quick, so the downtime can be reduced. Besides, the double-handle inspection door makes it easierto open or lock, and convenient for the routine inspection.