JC Series Jaw Crushers

JC series jaw crusher is ajaw crusher with optimized and developed design, which is based on absorbing the international advanced technoIogy.It is preferred equipment for the primary crushing of various rocks.

Product Features

  • High-strength design ensures long life time of frame :
    • There are two types of machine frame: welded model and assembled model. The former is for small and middle size, and the latter is for big size.
    • The Finite element analysis method is used to intensify the maximal mechanical strength frame part in the process of crushing with superior design.
  • The whole set of heavy type movable jaw is durable : The swing jaw plate integrates high-quality casting steel structure, optimized swing jaw through finite element analysis, forged heavy eccentric shaft, high quality large type self- aligning rolling bearing of heavy loading and the large type casting fly wheel. These designs assure the stroke resistance and stability of the movable jaw integrates.
  • V-Type Deep Crushing Chamber design : Small nip angle and high reduction ratio which provide throughput 30% more and power consumption 10% to 15% less compared with the traditional crusher.
  • Adopts optimized four-bar linkage, the machine possesses higher rotate speed, longer stroke, better running, so as to maximize its efficiency.
  • By adopting kinematics simulation analysis to achieve dynamic equilibrium, the machine runs stably with small vibration.
  • One piece of steel-cast bearing seat :
    • Good match with frame, and avoids unnecessary radial load for bearing in fastening process which occurs usually to the composed bearing seat. Therefore, the bearing can function more stably.
    • The movablejaw part and the frame are detachable, which makes the transportation and installation convenient and cost less.
  • Hydraulic Double Wedge Blocks to adjust discharge opening systems : Can realize stable adjustment, which is easier, safer, faster, and reduces the downtime compared with traditional Jaw crusher


  • Unique installation design :
    • The integrated design for motor and main frame : small installation space and save civil work expense.
    • Non-anchor bolt installation : the crusher is fixed by the special rubber shock absorbed device, which absorbs effectively the force of vibration at the peak point and meanwhile, allows crusher to displace in vertical and horizontal direction. In this way, the shock to foundation would be reduced.
  • Unique lubrication system :
    • Bearings are greased-lubricated and have grease-filled labyrinth seals to prevent the entry ofdust. Lubrication is easier;
    • Automatic lubrication system connected to existing control system for remote alarm indication, which ensures the protection ofthe rolling bearings.
    • Grease lubricated flexible tube equipped with lubrication junction plate offer safety value and makes it easierforthe operator to grease the bearings.
  • High utilization ofjaw plate, less consumption of materials and power :
    • The fixed jaw plate and swing jaw plate can be reused and switched for 4 times, which makes evenly abrasion ofjaw plates and improve the utilization ofjaw plates, therefore, reduces the spare parts stock and makes the assembly more convenient.
    • Using movable baffle block and bolt to fix jaw plate in machine makes installation faster and more convenient.